Homeopathy is a complementary medicine which stimulates the body’s self-healing powers to create a long lasting improvement. 

Homeopathy treats a wide range of conditions with medicines prepared from plant, animal and mineral substances. A healing response is triggered by administering a minute dose of the same substance which would provoke the disease symptoms if taken by a healthy person.

Homeopathy is essentially the healing practice of treating like with like.


How is the homeopathic consultation?

The first homeopathic consultation, which usually last between one and one and a half hours, involves intensive listening and questioning. The homeopath will inquire not only about the current and previous symptoms but also the body, mental and emotional make-up of the patient. This will allow the homeopath to prescribe the appropriate medicine. Follow-up visits are arranged to assess the action of the medicine on the symptoms, fine tune the dose and frequency of the medicine and prescribe a new medicine, if needed.

How many consultations are needed?

The duration of the whole treatment will depend on the specific disease and the general state of health of the patient. Some people will improve quite rapidly but in other cases particular symptoms will take much longer to resolve.


What happens after taking the homeopathic medicine?

The more recent symptoms should be first to improve. Also, if the medicine is the correct one, the sense of general well-being and energy should increase. However, sometimes an aggravation of the symptoms appears before there is a noticeable improvement. In addition, old symptoms may also come back for a short while and then fade away, like a playback, indicating that the body is responding to the medicine.

How to take the medicine?

The medicine should be taken in a clean mouth. Food, beverages, sweets, other medication and toothpaste be avoided 30 minutes before and after taking the medicine. Specific instructions on the amount and frequency of the medicine are written on the label of the bottle or given in writing.

How to store the medicines?

The medicines should be stored away from heat, light, strong smells and electronic equipment such as mobile phones, TVs and computers. They should be kept in their bottles with the top on and away from children and animals.


What should I do if something concerns me after taking the medicine?

You should not hesitate to call and leave a message or send an email. A reply will be usually sent within 24 hours.

What about if I am already taking medication?

Homeopathic medicines are compatible with and complement conventional medicine medication. You should always continue taking the medication prescribed by your general practitioner and/or consultant. If you consider that your medication may need to be changed, please, contact your general practitioner and/or consultant.


Qualified in Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1982. He graduated with a Master of Public Health from the University of Texas at Houston in 1984. He worked in public health at national and European level for more then 20 years

In 2004 Jaume completed a three years training in medical homeopathy at the Institut Nationale Homeopathique Francais in Paris. He decided to study homeopathy when a family member affected by a serious condition improved dramatically after homeopathic treatment. He has attended further training in homeopathy at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, The Clinica Santa Croce in Switzerland, the Medical Homeopathic Academy of Barcelona and the Homeopathic Academy of Asturias.

Jaume is a member of the Irish Medical Homeopathic Association, the UK Faculty of Homeopathy, the Medical Homeopathic Academy of Barcelona and the Complementary Therapies section of the Barcelona Medical Council.

Jaume is the General Secretary of the European Committee for Homeopathy.

Jaume is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan

Payment is by cash or cheque at the end of each appointment.

Consultation Charges

First Consultation

60-90 Minutes


30-40 Minutes